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It all started with a cake pop and a Dream!


It all started when an old coworker of mine (back in the legal, corporate days) brought cake pops to us from a coffee shop in the office that I immediately thought "I can do this". For the next 7 years, I would continue working in the legal industry while making cake pops for friends and family on the side constantly being told,


"hey, you should do this for a living" but I honestly never thought I could make a living off of it. 

It was in September 2015, when my father was losing his battle to Brain Cancer and Parkinson's where I decided to take a cake decorating class at A&J Cake and Candy Supply. I immediately fell in love with cake decorating. It was the breath of fresh air that I needed and I instantly felt not only at home but PROUD of myself. It was what was missing in my life; the missing puzzle piece of what makes me,me. Leaving the office and rushing to my cake class was the new norm. Coming home each night and showing my mom and dad what I had accomplished was the most amazing feeling that I wasn't getting in the corporate office life. 

My dad was home bound and having been a self employed contractor it was extremely difficult on him and absolutely heartbreaking for me and my mom. I decided to take a chance and make cakes for friends and family from home. My dad loved to watch me construct and decorate my cakes. We bonded over it. 

January 2016 my dad lost his battle to cancer leaving me and my mom. My family was devastated and it was during this time of grief I grew an overwhelming obsession with how life is so short and absolutely nothing is guaranteed. We have one chance at this thing called life. 

My corporate job was not fulfilling my soul and I couldn't get the "what if I just went for it?", out of my head. I signed my lease in September 2016 and October 2016 was my last month of the corporate life. I will never forget how scared and how fast my heart was beating walking into my bosses office planning to let him know my plans. I saw stars for the remainder of the day trying to catch my breath. I can laugh about that now lol. 

My family had gone through the saddest of times losing my dad and I made it my goal to make our negative times into a positive. I am beyond blessed to have a mom that believes in me and has been my biggest cheerleader. I could not do it without her. 

I do not claim to know the secret to success but to be relentlessly optimistic in all that you do while having a supportive mom by your side and a cupcake in each hand sure has helped me. 

I look forward to serving our community and making Glendora proud as the new kid on the block. 

Jenn Moritz

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